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the worst place in the world is a GameStop

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I've been working on this today, the idea is to have a single place to go if you wonder how you can contribute to #Funkwhale (regardless of the actual mean).

For each type of contribution, I plan to write a dedicated page describing:

- The contribution impact
- The required skills (if any)
- The things you can learn by contributing this way (if applicable)
- The step-by-steps instructions, from the start to the end of the contribution

Today, my son was playing by his toybox while I folded laundry. He reached for a toy, slipped, fell head over heels into the box, and the top closed over him.

By the time I looked, there was no more toddler - just my spouse laughing uncontrollably.

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This is your reminder that:

- not using ISO8601+TZ for transmitting datetimes is in fact incorrect, and you should feel bad.


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