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The Vac of - a thing on the internet. Artist, author, consultant, contract/consent ethicist, and often for hire/barter. Feel free to ask.

Mostly here to blither about my own stuff and enjoy people blithering about theirs. Also here to drink tasty beverages, with a propensity for trash coffees and home-ground matcha.

Feel free to say hi, ask questions - and expect the occasional migraine delay. Why yes, I did just figure out how to pin a post.

Podcast Drop 

Which will only be irregularly updated if at all, but hey - if I'm in the mood, more will arrive.

RSS Feed:

Today's episode:

should eventually propagate to iTunes, etc. but who knows.

The Graphic Arts Apology Failure 

Tweaking the code, tweaking the code, crying out in apology...

Keeping the results.

Prints Later

It went a little bit like this. Will probably upload these eventually, but for the moment, the brain cramp will simply sit here.

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Wake up.

Think: "That's odd."
Think: "Subatomic Quackery!"
Think: "Star Wars Won't Work!"
Think: "Lossless Energy Conversion!"
Think: "Economies of Snail!"
Think: "If I don't get some coffee in me soon, this may never stop, so I'd better start taking notes and sipping the bean."

Yeah, that was a *weird* one, all right.

Sometimes the paint is the hard part, the time-consuming part. Sometimes the digital is. This time? Both.

Huh. My sleep fail has a sleep fail. Time to annoy the cats with photography.

Ah, just cool enough to be a painting day. Plenty hot enough to b a fast drying one. Nifty.

Insanely hot, so instead of art, about all I've been doing is baking and sitting in front of the computer trying to maintain enough processing power to grind through some backlog of... stuff.

Thank goodness for a kitchen that's in the exhaust path for the fans. Thank goodness for stuff I can do in the marginally cooler rooms.

And now that it's cloudy and the inside is finally less than 85f? "You're exhausted. Guess who's falling over in the next seven minutes?"

Cheesecake. OK. But from quark. OK. But with more eggs and less sugar. Needs blueberries and maybe almost no sugar. Also, not in the mood for flaky. crust. A turnover, but...

Hmm. Ah...

Pizza dough stuffed with savory blueberry and eggy quark for the left hand. Stuffed with lentils, quark, and chicken for the right.


More work in progress on the one that's taking forever. For something that started as a joke, this is probably going to take a year to finish unless I have a grind-day.

Minor blunder: Hibiscus dye doesn't store well if it's been open any length of time while I paint with it. Because mold *loves* it. On the up-side, tossing half a jar cost me... maybe five to ten cents? And it's still a favorite color.

Cold Steeping Hibiscus Dye For A Painting 

Heated hibiscus dye (read: tea) changes color fairly significantly as it dries on paper. Testing to see if an overnight cool steeping results in different coloration/color-change.

Silly dog stuff 

There was going to be art today. Instead, I ended up constructing a foot-of-the-bed dog spot so the puddle could watch the trucks engine brake on the hill.

Said bed is now the contentious spot of contention between the puddle and Captain Orange Murder Pants the cat, who wants go out and captain orange murder said trucks. The puddle, peacefully in the way, is very put-upon, both figuratively and literally.

Loopy brain gets you vaporwave circuitry diagram weirdness 

A motor circuits connection diagram for trains from 1917, laid out in a purple/blue vaporwave style wash of weirdness. Added text reads: "Coffee Driven Engineering."

On prints and stuff, of course:

Mixing texture builds for mask and whatnot:

Built using and orange/black color sets glitched against each other.

Pretty sure vaporwave isn't meant to be used with this much other color, but I can live with that.

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