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The Vac of - a thing on the internet. Artist, author, consultant, contract/consent ethicist, and often for hire/barter. Feel free to ask.

Mostly here to blither about my own stuff and enjoy people blithering about theirs. Also here to drink tasty beverages, with a propensity for trash coffees and home-ground matcha.

Feel free to say hi, ask questions - and expect the occasional migraine delay. Why yes, I did just figure out how to pin a post.

Experiment primarily to do with the automation elements. Getting reasonably clean pattern builds by hand with tighter management of fill profile, etc. is much easier than trying to make the whole process try to self-regulate.

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Working on an experiment in glitch/repeat of some early 20th century Japanese print work from Shin-Bijutsukai's Kōrin Furuya 新美術海 古谷紅麟 from 1902 - 1906. May end up coming back through with some recoloring, but I'm really happy with these as they go.

Yep, Self Promo Over Here Too 

OK, more stuff being added as I've got time, but various projects getting dropped to over the next month or two:

Automated sales events are a go, so I guess I'll make use of that as well. Woo. *thud*

Abstract Art 

Prints in a while - I've got a massive queue ahead of this one - but I just finished the final bits 20 minutes ago, and holy crap I'm happy with it. Totally lost count of the number of layers.

When prints do go up, they'll be over here:

Happy non-scary Seasonalness, all 

In which the dirtiest of all puddles is decoratively draped in electro-luminescent wire before I wash them far more than they've got a desire for.

Poster Blunder WWI, Archival Restoration, Sexism, Fail 

I repair and restore old images for print - digital archival restoration - and this one came up for a re-do. And. Um. That's a recruitment poster. In an era when young *men specifically* are being recruited by this particular poster. The young lions depicted, however, are female.

And somehow, thus just fills me with joy.

Rest, Art 

Some days, weeks - almost a month now - very little art. I'm OK with that, as it's resulted in some other stuff getting done, sorta, and even some rest time without head of doom.

For the moment though, have a pretty:

One of these days I'll remember to tag on not have to do the whole delete/redraft thing.

A Weird Technical Art Moment 

"So how far can you deconstruct a set of alchemical symbols before they become something else?"

Uh. *prolonged pause between sneezes* Uh.

*tries a few things, considers, borks a vaporwave palate wash over the lot*

Something. Else.


400 + alchemical symbols as an overlaid and highly messed with pair of mandalas.

This is why you don't break 30 layers, yes?

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Fitted Masks Drop (Promo Yelling) 

Yep, this is where I start cheerfully yelling, as fitted masks have dropped on RedBubble and all the grinding to get umpteen kabillion products updated to include fitted masks appears to have worked.

Looks like RedBubble's still a bit metagrobolized on the back end - no simple, "Show all the fitted masks in this search result set," Yet. But, click into masks, and select fitted masks from the dropdown? No longer throwing a server 500 error.

As such *grinds turbos a wee bit* here's the mask set for Glitch NPCs:

All the other glitch stuff is live and searchable, as are the runes, archival restorations, and... yep. All the thing. Woo. Basically, just add "runes" or "glitch" or "railroad" or "vaporwave" and "wetdryvac" - the last so you get my stuff and a bit of tag spammer stuff, because people are special, in the result set.

*promptly discovers a set of material that didn't get added, starts grinding that*

Yep, weeks of grinding, and the payoff is that I get to wear my own goofyness. Though the model is not me. That's some RedBubble model who's clearly chose for being photogenic, as opposed to cannister shaped.


Well, this year the calendar build tool on Zazzle is... weird. But, it seems to have done the job once I faffed about with it long enough and shed a bit of hair in the pulling.

So, front cover is abstract paper and paint, back is digital vaporwave, and all the interior pieces are mandalas from this past year.


Or, get me the heck out of 2020 and in20 a *much saner, safer, consenting* 2021, thanks.

ETA: Link:

Oh hey, bandcamp friday. Feel free to hop over and give my stuff a listen. It's mostly niche electro, but hey - if you nab any, I get all the profits, and if you just listen, that's cool too.


My personal favorites are Feature and Time Enough. Plenty of other nifty artists out there too.

Politics, Posters, Silly 

Yep, it's *that* time again. A set of prints (and shirts and so on) of philosopher campaign posters. Because while getting out the vote is critical, staring that vote in the face with a bit of humor can sometimes help.


In layout gets a bit weird, but fun is had anyway.

Or, this is what I get up to when I have a couple days to run math and layout ideas ahead of time.

Or, doom.

OK, that worked. Except tags and image descriptions. So. Um. Drawing board time.

Testing PostyBirb. Seems to work. Tags added manually after. Now to figure out scheduling and, "Can tags be put in via PB interface?"

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