How does one go about commissioning or licensing work from creative folks (musicians, digital artists) in a way that is fair to both? Any handy resources or guides? I'd rather not go to massive content-farm-factory websites.

For what it's worth I'm in need of some music for a technically minded #ActivityPub podcast idea I have floating in my head and what better way to support the Fediverse than to actually look at paying for a license for some intro music and B roll music.


@cj My music would not be podcast compatible, mostly, but when people want a composition, I treat it the same way I do paintings: Difficulty to create, uniqueness, and how much I actually wanted to do it + end use.

So, just using an existing song in a podcast: "Hey, give me credit, as it's already on spotify, and if you want to throw me beer money, cool." IE, like radio play.

If it's for a specific project, I'm a couple grand for album-length composition, I keep credit, customer does whatever.

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