@wezm Could you share the best solution for you and the simple steps to follow to install it:

1) ...
2) ... more I think :)

Thank you

@ASMRLemonsFan I wrote a whole series on that :-) Start here: bitcannon.net/post/finding-an-

However there is no one size fits all macOS alternative, which is fine because there are so many great alternatives!


@ASMRLemonsFan I'm a developer and I value up to date software, choosing to install only what I need, and I'm willing to invest a bit of effort to built a system that's right for me. For me that means I use Arch Linux and FreeBSD.

If you want a more complete out of the box solution you might like @elementaryos or @SolusProject

@wezm @SolusProject Ok thank you, my idea was to use the MAC hardware and the OS or other good open-source solutions

@ASMRLemonsFan Yep as long as your Mac isn't too new it should run Linux very well. This is how I got started too.

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