@wezm @gsora “Not ready for the desktop” “Some sacrifices”. But they’re never mentioned. 🤔

I’d really like to know what they are, because OpenBSD as a desktop on my x200 is just working perfectly.

@js @wezm that post was rushed out, and I might have missed some logic connections here and there, sorry 😣

Anyway, the point I was trying to make is this: OpenBSD is not a desktop OS *if* you're not willing to learn and abandon some apps which are available on major operating system. But! If you're okay with that, you'll find in OpenBSD a great companion in your everyday computing.

My post wanted to praise OBSD as a desktop OS, not the opposite 😄

@gsora @wezm That is something I can agree with. If what you need is in ports, it’s a great desktop OS! That actually works better with GNOME 3 than any Linux distro I tried.

@js @wezm glad to have this misunderstanding sorted out! My English is not great, it didn't help me express my point of view correctly. Lobste.rs seems a little angry at me because of this, too :-)

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