It will be nice when all the jobs aren’t doing blockchain things

@kornel nothing in Australia/remote as far as I can tell 🙁

Why *is* there such an overlap between rust jobs and blockchain? Other than on the job market, it doesn't seem like there's a ton of overlap between the two communities

@codesections yeah exactly. it seems that the blockchain folks have latched into Rust as the thing to build blockchain with and now they’re all wanting to do it.

@codesections @wezm Feel its to do with the fact that they value safety more than any old start up - they have a bigger financial incentive not to mess up. Haskell and the theorem proving crowd is facing a similar thing with all the blockchain jobs!

I think more startups should value using tools that help them iterate with confidence, but yeah... can be hard to make the case. I hope the silver lining is that we get more people reconising the value of lightweight verification…

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