@algernon welcome to the land of steno! My partner has been stenoing for about 3 years and built Typey Type ( I know about it but haven’t actually learned it myself (yet?).

@wezm @algernon I wanted to learn plover and steno on my planck self made keyboard. The biggest obstacle is that it works for english only, there's no german equivalent...

@ckeen @algernon time to create a German steno theory?

Di has added support for Korean, Italian, Danish, and Palantype layouts to Typey Type. It’s been fascinating learning about them all. The Italian one in particular, which is like a tiny piano.

@wezm @algernon

there's handwritten steno for german but it's totally different. I don't know if the theory behind 'Kurzschrift' will be of any help...
@wezm @algernon

Oh in the plover wiki I see that someone has built a german fork of plover but I cannot access the google group that's linked there.

@ckeen @wezm One of the reasons I wasn't pushing myself to learn steno is that I don't know of any Hungarian theory (only in writing, which is, like in your case, totally different). But I'm writing English most of the time, and having a dedicated board for steno... I can't put it off any longer O:)

@algernon @wezm

If you have a planck, there's a plover layer for that. It could be adapted to the :atreuskeyboard: I guess pretty easily.

@ckeen @wezm I found that the layout of the Atreus is not very ideal for Plover; at least I found that having only one big thumb key and a smaller one is not as nice as having two same-sized thumb keys - per hand, of course.

Got myself a Splitography though, which was designed for it O:)

@algernon @wezm

Ah right. At the last congress' keyboard meetup someone has brought a self printed steno board. maybe the files are on thingyverse...

@ckeen @algernon yep the plank works pretty well. Di has two, one for work and one for home. Both built for steno with Gateron clear switches and G20 caps

@wezm Hah! I had Typey Type bookmarked, it will be part of my daily steno practice. Please forward my thanks to her!

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