Having a bit of crisis of conviction regarding my use of FreeBSD on the desktop this morning...


I updated my zpool last night and now I can't boot (I updated bootcode too). I can boot off the installer and access the pool fine, it seems to be missing the bootloader or something (although I can see it in the EPT). I'm sure this is fixable but I don't have the motivation for it now. I'm backing everything up and then I'm going to clean install Arch + ZFS on this machine.

@ivan That’s a keen eye you have there. For a moment I panicked and thought I’d screenshotted a password or something.

@wezm I use it so probably that's why I've noticed. Don't like the extension though. So I've mapped shortcuts to open up dmenu (passmenu) and also added passmenu-otp so I can copy OTP codes the same way.

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