@wezm I was going to ask "Why Rust?" but if I read the blog post that's probably in there.

@lopta Basically I really like Rust and think that native code is the right choice anything vaguely resource constrained.

@wezm Native code sounds like a good thing. All I know about Rust is that it has knackered Firefox on NetBSD. I should probably read a Wikipedia page about it.

@lopta it’s still relatively new so platform support still has a ways to go and is strongly tied to the platforms LLVM supports. NetBSD amd64 has tier 2 support. I would have thought Firefox would be ok. Or are you using non-x86 hardware. forge.rust-lang.org/platform-s

@wezm I mostly use amd64 and evbarm these days. That may change (again) in the future.

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