Starting later today, we'll be tooting out a #rust #CLIAppOfTheWeek, highlighting some of the (many, many!) great #rustLang CLI apps out there.

We already have a few picked out, but feel free to @ this account with more suggestions!



- asciinema-rs
- exa
- fd
- bat
- alt
- rg
- dot
- titlecase
- ion
- watchexec
- dust
- mdcat

@wezm @clirust


man fd | head -5
FD(4) Linux Programmer's Manual FD(4)

fd - floppy disk device

@wezm @clirust ouch, console output does not look great in short tweets, so here a screenshot:

@wezm Thanks very much for these awesome CLIs! Many of them were already on our radar, but several are great additions (speaking personally, I at least didn't know about `dust`; it sounds really useful!)

One question, though, did you perhaps mean `dots` ( instead of `dot` (


Thanks! That one was a bit under the radar—it's not on, for one thing. But we'll definitely check it out!

@clirust right, not sure why it’s not on I’ve been using it to mange my dot files for a couple of years and it’s quite handy.

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