I enjoy that the first listed feature of this alternate Slack and Discord client is: Not made from a web browser

@wezm I used it instead of Slack the whole afternoon, looks like it could replace the official client for me. 250MB of RAM instead of 2GB for 4 slacks is a real deal!

@wezm now this is cool.

The Discord authentication method is a little bit shady, though

@wezm yooo thank you for highlighting this! I'd happily pay for it too

@DashEquals @wezm already seen at least one person get banned for using it

@trwnh @DashEquals wow that’s no good. I’m mostly interested in its Slack support.

@trwnh @DashEquals @wezm Banned by whom? The local server admin, or Discord themselves?

I must admit I'm not comfortable with the 'steal the token' approach to authentication, especially because Discord's authentication model is already pretty open and well-described, at least from the perspective of bots and third-party websites.

@yojimbo @trwnh @wezm #Discord themselves, they do not allow third clients or self bots. Steal the token is unfortunately the only way a third party client/bot can authenticate with a user account (DiscordChatExporter is another example).

@DashEquals @trwnh @wezm Oh, you are correct, I hadn't realised that they banned third-party clients ...

I'd *much* rather be using an open source chat system, but the (gaming) group I want to talk to are entrenched on Discord.

I'll make sure to delete that Ripcord I downloaded ...

@yojimbo @trwnh @wezm Yeah, it sucks. I'm still using the official client but I've blocked their /api/v6/science endpoint which is one of the ways they tell apart the official and unofficial clients.

@wezm @Gargron zero GPU usage isn't necessarily a feature, and it's possibly a lie, depending on what windowing system you use

@kelly_clowers The AUR PKGBUILD contains the following comment ;)

> Extract AppImage contents so we install bypassing every and all AppImage desktop integration/deployment mechanisms

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