hunter is a fast and lag-free file browser/manager for the terminal written in Rust. It features a heavily asychronous and multi-threaded design and all disk IO happens off the main thread in a non-blocking fashion, so that hunter will always stay responsive.


I'm not a file manager person but @work I use nnn because sometimes I need to show folders to others and it's a neat package

@wezm UMG, how come Rust, which is supposed to be safer, does the same thing as NodeJS by downloading dependencies itself ??
Oh, an X11 dependency hardcoded in 2019? I guess it might take some work to make this run on Haiku 🤔

@mmu_man that is a weirdly long time between releases. You could change the termion dependency in hunter’s Cargo.toml to point at the git version of termion and see if that works. Something like:

termion = { git = “https://gitlab.redox...” }

@wezm just did, but now more errors in users.
I guess someone really needs to look into proper Haiku support in those.

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