Using a laptop that is sometimes connected to an external display with Awesome is killing me. Runtime errors from awesome, external display not working somethings, display manager (lightdm) crashes taking out the whole session blaaargh 🙁

I think I’ll try GNOME with PaperWM. I tried KDE on this laptop on the weekend and no windows would show up!? There were entries in the task bar but no visible windows.

@wezm If you want a heavily-optimized GNOME experience with extra polish, check out System76's Pop!_OS.


@mmstick I was fine with regular GNOME on Arch until I started using Awesome. Now positioning or resizing windows manually, or having them overlap seems backward. I basically want Awesome and a display manager that properly handles displays coming and going at this point.

Wesley, have you tried ?

I never used Awesome so it’s hard to compare but I did reconnect displays under Sway and it was faster and more reliable than GNOME in it.

"Now positioning or resizing windows manually, or having them overlap seems backward." 🤣 👍

@wiktor Yep ;-) I like Awsome’s dynamic layouts model more than the i3/sway model. At this point though maybe it’s worth giving sway another go (or hacking it to do what I want).

Great, now I need to check out this dynamic layouts model as it sounds intriguing. (I’m happy with Sway, but I was happy with GNOME before Sway too… ;) ).

By the way, I do enjoy your blog posts! (Although I forget about contents after some time… ;) )

@wiktor Hmm you gave me an idea. What if I took sway and modified it to work how I want... 🤔

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