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Wesley Moore @wezm

Finally got the installer to boot on my XPS 15. Ended up using rEFInd. Now to navigate the tiny text to get it installed.

@wezm that's easy, just order pizza and mash ENTER.

@wezm you're wearing a hoodie, it's okay you're going to be alright ;)

@wezm not working with our BOOTX64.EFI ?

@gonzalo the Dell bootloader refuses to boot from my flash drive when it has the OpenBSD or FreeBSD installer on it. Linux works ok. I'm using rEFInd to just handover to BOOTX64.EFI on the Flash drive and from there it seems to work fine.

@wezm Any progress on this? I'm curious about what had to be fixed. Was it graphics related?

@kl3 which aspect are you curious about? I ended up getting it installed and running X. mastodon.social/@wezm/16190779

@wezm Why did you use rEFInd? Did graphics work out of the box? Have you been able to get higher resolutions (using `machine video [mode]' )?

@kl3 I used rEFInd because the Dell UEFI refused to boot from my USB stick with the OpenBSD installer on it. In hindsight it's possible that I wrote the iso to it instead of the fs image. Graphics was fine out of the box. I'll be retracing my steps soon as the install isn't quite right. I'll write up my findings in more detail when I do that.