@wezm @angristan I really want to like gnome but it performs unacceptably poorly even on my modern hardware.


@animeirl @angristan oh that’s a shame. I’ve always found it amazing snappy. Lowest specced machine I used it on was a 5 year old Mac mini.

@wezm @angristan I'm admittedly a bit more picky than average since I have a 144hz monitor but I don't think window dragging matching your refresh rate should be that much to ask

@animeirl @angristan @wezm 144hz is pretty fast... How do you even see that mismatch do you like have super eyes?

@karolat @wezm @angristan @ayy not talking about screen tear. vsync works fine in linux. a lot of animations (including moving windows which shouldn't even be an animation) seem locked at 60 (or 50, for some reason) frames per second though regardless of refresh rate. Also vanilla gnome shell 3.26 has random cpu spikes that cause huge (often up to half a second or more) freezes of everything on screen due to a broken commit from over a year ago that they refuse to fix or even comment on (luckily there's patch that reverts it in arch AUR though you're fucked on the current ubuntu iirc). The idea that gnome3 will ever be professional quality with the way development is currently handled is laughable.

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