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Wesley Moore @wezm@mastodon.social

mastodon-webview is a wonderful little app that puts the web UI in its own little window/app.

Written in Go using the webview library that makes use of system webview components the result is a small 2.4Mb binary. This in comparison to apps where every app ships an entire copy of Chromium.


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@wezm can I swipe to move to another screen with this?

@ayys I think you have to use the buttons at the top.

@wezm I'm trying to use it right now, hardly usable at all. (At least on macOS that is.) Nothing beats a native client, which is in dire need for Mastodon.
I could name a gazillion things why any web-user-in-the-face is the worst user experience possible. I'm not allowed to code, so I can't write a good client myself sadly.
To conclude with something positive, it's better than being forced to quitting your client with your browser. That's something! (I'm picky with UI/UX things, for reasons.)

@wezm I've seen someone making a prototype of similar thing with Windows & macOS webviews.
It's not really fair to compare to Electron, though, because it's just one of two processes (other could be Node) so you cannot talk to native. Still nice, fits the case

@wezm cool, but what is the difference of just having a smaller sized browser (FF/Chrome) windows open with Mastodon?

@hirschnase It gets its own icon in the app switcher, can be left running independent of the browser, can be hidden independent of the browser, doesn't come to the front when meta-tabbing back to the browser are some that come to mind.