In my GTK travels last night I also discovered the broadway GTK backend. It renders GTK apps via a server in the browser. Here it is showing a quite responsive and faithful rendition of gedit. For more info check out the main developers blog:

Commentary from GitHub’s Semantic project on why they use Haskell. I liked the part pictured — it’s a pretty compelling sales pitch.

Apple to stop shipping Ruby, Python, and Perl in future releases. “Future versions of macOS won’t include scripting language runtimes by default”. Native binaries FTW 😉

ryanflannery/oxbar: configurable X11 status bar for OpenBSD (and xstatbar successor)

It's been more than two years since my move away from Mac OS. Time for another blog post. This one covers moving on from desktop FreeBSD and finding a tiling window manager

"hikari is a stacking window manager with additional tiling capabilities, it is heavily inspired by the Calm Window manager (cwm(1)). Its core concepts are windows, groups, sheets and the workspace." — by @raichoo

Continuing the c2rust adventures. This morning I converted the dunst notification daemon.

Here it is with Neovim in alacritty, editing the heinous source.

dwm (dynamic window manager converted from C to (unsafe) Rust with c2rust running in Xephyr

Maybe more Medium articles should have a gopher version. (Second screenshot is lynx running in iSH on iPhone)

hunter is a fast and lag-free file browser/manager for the terminal written in Rust. It features a heavily asychronous and multi-threaded design and all disk IO happens off the main thread in a non-blocking fashion, so that hunter will always stay responsive.

Here is a simple hello example. For my larger project, the reason for doing this, it's still failing to compile one crate that has some C code in it. Need to convince it to use the cross compiler.

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