This weekend I built a tool in Rust to collect information from all the ports in the FreeBSD ports tree and compile it into a mobile friendly website. Still a work in progress but it's going well.

The new estimated release frequency of podcasts in Overcast 5 is one of those delightful little features that's not essential but so nice when it's there.

Plume is a federated blogging application that talks ActivityPub built in

This was a combination I didn't expect to see. It's ok but could probably use a bit more salt.

Replacing the controller in my HHKB JP with a Hasu controller to make it fully programmable.

This is fun: Stephen Hackett worked his way through every major release of macOS since the Mac OS X Public Beta and catalogued them in an collection of screenshots.

Currently, the library includes 1,502 images.

I'll pretend I'm learning things at RustConf and continue reading the book

Finally got my digital photo frame app running on a Raspberry Pi. It's written in and uses via parts of the Piston game framework.

I've also got a cross compilation worklow working that means I can compile the binary on my laptop and then just copy it over to the Pi.

Need to improve the performance a bit next.

Odysseus is a web browser for elementary OS being built by @alcinnz and co. Looks nice

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