Australia’s capital city Canberra viewed from Mt. Ainslie. Featuring Anzac Parade, Old Parliament House, (new) Parliament House and Lake Burley Griffin.

“What platforms are to developing on?”, from the Rust 2018 survey results. BSD is small but present!

I've ported the ProFont monospace font to embedded-graphics. Demo app shows CPU temperature, uname and uptime on display.

This is a super cool project and a testament to Rust’s versatility.

> rusty-clock: An alarm clock this is programed in bare metal rust (no OS). It features pressure, temperature, humidity, monophonic alarm on a e-paper display.

Using 4 computers at once today... as you do. These 3 (Windows, Linux, Mac OS), plus FreeBSD desktop. I’m developing CI scripts for a Rust crate that needs to run on all 4 OSes and needs a bit of special setup (such as Xvfb on UNIX like ones).

Rust epaper display driver is going well. Now just got to work out why red isn’t coming out properly.

First image on Raspberry Pi Zero + Inky pHAT e-Paper display from my embedded Rust driver. No heap allocation, no unsafe (in my code). Clearly still some bugs to work out though.

Finally collected all the necessary dongles to use my Raspberry Pi Zero!

Now to get Inky Phat working on it...

I turned a 5 line shell script into a 72 line Rust program... \o/

The Rust version does generate slightly more sophisticated output, and has error handling though.

It displays the CPU and GPU temperature on a Raspberry Pi.

Been playing with my Raspberry Pi. Installed IceWM and went down the rabbit hole of theme selection. Remember when Linux looked like this?

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