@wiktor Yep ;-) mastodon.social/web/statuses/1 I like Awsome’s dynamic layouts model more than the i3/sway model. At this point though maybe it’s worth giving sway another go (or hacking it to do what I want).

Ordered a Raspberry Pi Zero today to do some experimentation running my Rust stenography engine on the Pi and have it act as a keyboard. Ultimately it would be good to run it on a microcontroller but first steps first. I’m thinking I might try using NetBSD as the OS.

@mmstick I was fine with regular GNOME on Arch until I started using Awesome. Now positioning or resizing windows manually, or having them overlap seems backward. I basically want Awesome and a display manager that properly handles displays coming and going at this point.

I think I’ll try GNOME with PaperWM. I tried KDE on this laptop on the weekend and no windows would show up!? There were entries in the task bar but no visible windows.

Using a laptop that is sometimes connected to an external display with Awesome is killing me. Runtime errors from awesome, external display not working somethings, display manager (lightdm) crashes taking out the whole session blaaargh 🙁

I'll cover travel expenses of anyone willing to come to vBSDcon 2019 and talk security as long as you can bring a 0-day for FreeBSD.

Please boost.

offering obsolete X terminal computer hardware 

@bugaevc ahh right then yes it’s probably not needed at all when used via gnome-shell

Wondering why mutter vendors forked versions of clutter and cogl 🤔

@alcinnz Poinless but funny. Although it doesn't actually work and the HeaderBar renders strangely. It loads the page but nothing even shows up the webview.

In my GTK travels last night I also discovered the broadway GTK backend. It renders GTK apps via a server in the browser. Here it is showing a quite responsive and faithful rendition of gedit. For more info check out the main developers blog: blogs.gnome.org/alexl/

@codewiz I was only trialing it in a VM bit I quickly found things I missed from Awesome. :-/

@bugaevc no it definitely depends on it. One place meta_show_dialog is called is when an application stops responding and it asks if you want to to wait or force quit the application. I’ve definitely seen that one. There’s also this bug complaining about it showing up incorrectly bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.c

TIL mutter depends on zenity (a command line tool that generates Gtk dialogs), which in turn depends on webkit2gtk. Seems a little excessive but I suppose if you assume both dependencies are part the wider platform and would be installed anyway it makes sense to make use of them.

Patreon launch 

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