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whoa, TIL about Rustodon, "a Mastodon-compatible, ActivityPub-speaking server in Rust"

github.com/rustodon/rustodon #rust

@jackyalcine intriguing. Interested to see the results.

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@Pedro That's neat! Welcome aboard and thanks for reading.

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Started playing OpenTTD on last night. So much to learn but it is a fun game.

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@neon @musicmatze Agreed. I'm using it for a project and would recommend it.

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New posts on readrust.net/ will be tooted with this account. Follow for interesting posts from the #Rust programming language community.

I am adding Mastodon integration to Read and I’m enjoying all the times I get to write “toot” in the code.

@hirschnase It gets its own icon in the app switcher, can be left running independent of the browser, can be hidden independent of the browser, doesn't come to the front when meta-tabbing back to the browser are some that come to mind.

@ayys I think you have to use the buttons at the top.

mastodon-webview is a wonderful little app that puts the web UI in its own little window/app.

Written in Go using the webview library that makes use of system webview components the result is a small 2.4Mb binary. This in comparison to apps where every app ships an entire copy of Chromium.


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No problems with my tiny webview version of Mastodon on #OpenBSD. I've put it on Github: github.com/rosstimson/mastodon @jeg1972 you should have no bother getting this working on Linux.

@snaums I use GNOME, which is why I shared it. As for the other questions I'm not the author of Fractal so I'm not sure. I was just sharing an interesting project.

@jeko @aeris Assembly went fine. You can see a photo of the running machine here: imgur.com/9N2yXNf

Unfortunately there is a bug in the hardware that causes it to emit a high pitched whine (olimex.wordpress.com/2018/01/1). The bug is fixed in newer versions. Olimex kindly sent me some capacitors that I can solder to the board to fix it but I haven't gotten around to that yet.