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What do you think are the most interesting/exciting projects using Rust? by Nick Cameron: #Rust #language #tools

A bunch of stuff is now written in #Rust an OS, a dns resolver editors, choose for yourself

:thinkhappy: what if, an alternative to both mastodon _and_ pleroma, which is much less memory-heavy and is a single executable file you drop on your server

help us out #rustodon

Hello from the Tootle Mastodon app on Arch Linux# I've published an AUR package for fellow Arch users. /cc @bleakgrey

w00t! Just got #FreeBSD running on my main desktop - a way too shiny Ryzen 1700 cpu with an RX 580 graphics card; so psyched that such new hardware is supported (even if I had to be a little bold and hop to the 11.2-BETA3 release :)

Thanks so much jmd for this graphics driver work ( ) and of course to all the maintainers of this excellent OS.

Nice read. Maxime Villard writes about his journey on finding network bugs and vulnerabilities in , and

Does anyone know of a decent mastodon client for before I go down the route of setting up IRC and Bitlbee? Bonus if it does birdsite as well, but I'm not too fussed.

Google no longer indexing decade old articles (that means 2008!)

Time to duck duck go, if you haven't already.

10 year-old me: wow you have THREE computers??? id love to just even have 1 computer

present-day me: yeah but they're all garbage. computers got really really cheap over the years yknow. but none of them work at all. especially since they replaced programs with uhhh.... well programs are now...... y'know when you go on a web page at xmas and theres falling snowflakes?

10 year-old me: java?? script???

present-day me: yeah thats all we use now. thats how they make the programs mostly

I'm looking for a designer for my project. I need a home page, content page, and tool page designed (pictured). I would of course be paying for said services.

Boosts appreciated.

#100daysofcode day 5: Continued troubleshooting on the Reddit client I decided to call Threads. Uploaded the code I have to

On an unrelated note, I got the first mockups for Trumpet from the designer I'm working with :D

@afarian @windmills

Made some good progress on my latest website project over the weekend. Still lots of styling to do though.

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