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Today is the last day to fill out our annual survey! Thanks to the many thousands of you who have already done so ❤️ source:

@wezm (I don't know all the otters on this T-shirt)

Building a parser for plover dictionary commands for my stenography engine is proving to be a good exercise in improving my parser building skills.

We are proud to announce after six months of hard work by everyone at @gnome - GNOME 3.30 - Almería! You can check our release notes out at Thank you everyone for your support and hard work. We appreciate you!

Fabienne Serrière (@fbz on big bird) poured a Mac SE ROM into a knitting machine and made scarves

Portucalio has came to existence days ago. I have now launched the companion blog and devoted a whole section/article regarding FLOSS in the hopes I can give something back.

Thank you!

#floss #libre #liberdade #inkscape #scribus #opensource #ode #thanks #linux #popos

One thing I love about #FreeBSD is the 'new' vt(4)[1] console driver which first appeared in 9.3. Among the other things, since rS327444[2] it allows specifying a color scheme for the console in the kernel loader config. Tobias Kortkamp on github created a wonderful repo[3] of FreeBSD vt color schemes to pick out from

greenwasm — An implementation of the WebAssembly spec in Rust,

The code is beautiful. A project to keep an eye on!

#rustlang #webassembly #wasm

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