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My work on Mastodon, hosting of, its moderators,, and our GitLab server are paid thanks to these sponsors via Patreon:

The xhyve blog post.

Those of you who are already using xhyve, please let me know where this needs to be corrected. I am not convinced I have correctly described the script parameters.


Interview from earlier in the year with Jeremy Soller, founder of Redox OS, a microkernel operating system being built in Rust.

We've never tried this before, but if you want to advertise on the free version of Twitterrific yourself, now you can:

So this is cool. I emailed the GIMP team a few weeks ago about getting the latest version of GIMP in the #elementary #AppCenter and they said they didn't really have an interest in doing so. Then I was just sitting here and saw a new project! Akira! It looks pretty awesome!

I will be watching this project!


Hark! A blog post!

Where I really fuck things up taking apart a HDMI sized computer.

"Rust Collections Case Study: BTreeMap" — Fascinating post on the b-tree implementation in the Rust standard library with lots of great back story on binary search trees, cache friendly data structures, etc.

Can’t remember the last time I used the TouchBar on my MBP. What a waste.

Let me tell you a secret to increase your test coverage 

I always find Low Tech Magazine thought-provoking. They've now built a totally solar-powered mini-bandwidth web site. Shooting for 90% uptime. See how they did it.

Okay, this took a whole day but I mapped out all entities in the Mastodon API along with in which version a particular attribute was added:

It's not a huge thing, but it puts a smile on my face. Piggybacking on the Apple News app, FMDB is now shipping in MacOS Mojave starting today, and has been shipping as part of iOS for a number of years. That's my software being used on a lot of devices.

What nobody tells you about documentation,

According to the author, there are 4 kind of documentations: Tutorials, How-to Guides, Explanation, Reference. Each one serving a specific purpose.

Interesting read.


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