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New posts on readrust.net/ will be tooted with this account. Follow for interesting posts from the #Rust programming language community.

I am adding Mastodon integration to Read and I’m enjoying all the times I get to write “toot” in the code.

mastodon-webview is a wonderful little app that puts the web UI in its own little window/app.

Written in Go using the webview library that makes use of system webview components the result is a small 2.4Mb binary. This in comparison to apps where every app ships an entire copy of Chromium.


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No problems with my tiny webview version of Mastodon on #OpenBSD. I've put it on Github: github.com/rosstimson/mastodon @jeg1972 you should have no bother getting this working on Linux.

Mitogen extension for Ansible funding has reached its first goal. Would love to see it make the second goal.

Note to users I have confirmed FreeBSD is a fully supported target.


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Anyone know of a good Mastodon iOS client with features like what Tweetdeck supports for Twitter? (Timed mute, keeping track of how much I read, offline support, note per users etc)

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Here are some notes on a talk on #jails on #FreeBSD I've given a week ago at the @bsdstammtisch in Vienna.


The post tries to cover the very basics of jails, jail networking and thin jails using only base system tools, so there's no iocage, ezjail or other magic stuff. I hope to get to more elaborate topics at some point in the future.

Feedback is - of course - always welcome!

Revamped the home page on wezm.net/ to highlight my projects, remove the personal/technical separation, and say goodbye to the photo list.

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Great blog post on Slack's "bait and switch".


"The reason email is federated, is because it was developed before surveillance capitalism was a thing and because it was established and entrenched long before these companies came around.

There's a reason why your email address is still the de facto way to sign up for any service on the web (sometimes with one or two degrees of separation), and it's because of federation."

Nice to see included in this list of, “10 projects where individual donations can have a direct impact on Internet freedom, underfunded infrastructure and inclusivity.” donating.tech/

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Impressive operating system patch machinery for Via cybre.space/@zigg/995991233651 I learn about syspatch(8). Each downloaded patch in its own directory with a rollback.tgz and a file explaining the change as well as the source-code diff attached to it for those who care.

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I discovered this website about self hosting. It seems nice to have a dedicated website to help spread knowledge about available softwares and to give tips how to self-host.


#SelfHosting #OpenSource

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Some hackurday work on the gpd pocket. Battery is telling me a more reasonable number I don't believe

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Awesome read about Meltdown protection, crazy kernel stuff and the collaboration between , and blog.cooperi.net/a-long-two-mo

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Someone suggested I make a Patreon page, but that doesn't really fit well with me or what I do. I can't make promises to anyone.. But if you'd like to support my pizza addiction^W^Whealthy diet, or help cover my ongoing living costs, I'd appreciate it! 🍕😍brynet.biz.tm/wallofpizza.html