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I’ve moved to - follow me there if you like! ☀️🏡

There’s something weird with my timeline. I only see toots by 1 person. I follow a lot more, and some may no longer be active here, but I have a hard time believing that counts for all of them except one

repeated notice: I've moved to another instance, follow me there ( if you want to stay in touch

For those who missed it: I’ve moved to (so to another Mastodon instance) - follow me there if you want to stay in touch and let me know if I forgot to follow you from that account!

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Hi! 👋
My name is Marga and I’m new on, just moved here from, so it’s time for an #introduction. I’m interested in:

#solarpunk (don’t know a lot about it yet)
#humans (but only if they’re nice)

Not necessarily in that order, and it’s probably also not a complete list.

Thanks to the people for hosting my new account!☀️🏡

I’ve moved to - follow me there if you like! ☀️🏡

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politics / sad 

How the hell did I suddenly find myself back in 1985? The world, or at least its leaders, have gone mad.

politics / brexit 

So sick of incapable politicians playing around with other people’s lives / jobs / transportation / money / access to medication and medical treatment / security / peace / etc 😖

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Q. What should I use to protect myself from surveillance on a Chromebook?

A. A hammer.

#Privacy #SurveillanceCapitalism

Oh halp... @diederik sent me this, and now I can’t listen to >50% of the songs anymore... 😳

Wasn’t there this song...? “Still sneezing, after all these days” 🎵🤧🎶🤧

Or this one, I believe it’s from the West Side Story... “I feel groggy, oh so groggy, todaaaay” 🎶🤧🎵🥺


Aaaand there’s the next one - cat’s staying inside for now, sigh 😔

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She brought him the usual gifts at first. A mouse, a bird. A ribbon for him to play with.

She would run up with her gift in her mouth and prrt cheerfully around it. And he would pat her head and tell her she was a good and clever cat.

Then it was a coin with strange markings. A pendant, warm to the touch. A piece of lightning-struck wood.

He never knew of the shadowy figures that followed him, but neither did he have to fear them.

She was a good and clever cat.

#Microfiction #Tootfic

dead mouse 

First present of 2019… geez, thanks Artoo 🙄😞

What iOS Mastodon clients do people use these days? And if you have a favorite one, what do you like about it?

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