There are only 3 Indian CM's who have successfully stopped full blown riots in their State

1) Jyoti Basu (1984 & 1992)

2) Lalu Prasad Yadav (1990 - Arrested Advani & stopped his Rath yatra)

3) Pinarayi Vijayan (2018 - Arrested more than 3500 Sanghis during Sabarimala Protest)

All 3 are underrated leaders because two are Communists and one is an OBC.

That's how Indian History works. We forget real history and keep on repeating the mistakes.

Jyoti Basu ordered Left cadres to patrol Sikh localities to prevent any attacks on Sikhs in 1984. On the night of the Babri Masjid attack in 1992, Basu appeared across Bengal's television screens.

West Bengal remained a oasis of relative peace both in 1984 and 1992.

Lalu Prasad was the only Indian Leader who dared to arrest Advani, whose Rath Yatra had created Riots in more than 12 Indian States.

Pinarayi dealth with Sanghis with an Iron First during Sabarimala Crisis.

Remember all these points because our History will erase these points.

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