Good morning. I am Bryce Youngquist. We are gathered here today to discuss softblocking. Why would you use softs to block. They are not good for building material, and make squishy noises I find unpleasant when laid together. Use rocks, such as shale, marble, and wood for blocking purposes. Your houses will be more resistant to wolves with significant lung capacity as a result. Thank you. I have been Bryce Youngquist.

just as a note for people who may have missed I moved to my new home at @whiskeysailor

just as a note for people who may have missed I moved to my new home at @whiskeysailor

starting a light opera company on mastodon apply within

Boss: why are you late to work!
Me: couldn't decide what to use for my Mastodon avatar so...
Boss: what?

The best part of waking up is screaming until someone pours coffee down your throat

From the Sailing Dictionary:
Regatta: Organized sailing competition that pits your skill against your opponents' luck

*sees I’m not on any T30 lists*

it’s because I don’t post much that’s it

fuck your rankings every tooter is equal in the eyes of me. you're all my favorites.

unpopular opinion 

New York Politics 

I spelt ink on my shoulder bag and could not get it out. so I put a patch on it. there, some good home keeping advice for you.

politics NY 

I almost tired to start a sourdough starter. sadly I was working too much at the time and couldn't commit to the feeding schedule. maybe next unemployment

I’m really trying to come up with good bread jokes but they come out half baked.

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