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Um, Scott Adams has definitely moved away from the office place comedy.

storm timing from NOAA (I don't know how to describe these pictures at all, I'm sorry other than to say NOAA Marine radio should have the data, but Thursday 8am Florence should have landfallin NC)

A sleepy dog for those having a rough day of it (don't worry, if you having a good day you can still enjoy)


Fox News getting the Party Bros take on SCOTUS is just too 2018

racism/sexism (-) 

my goodness. honestly the fact that no one at the Herald Sun who say this and said "cool" are awful people.

thinking back to my first computer and playing Top Gun. and yes, it had a massive 128 KB memory!

politics (funny/tragic) 

Headline: Man burns down house trying to burn Nike shoes. picture is the headline (can't add description on this app so have to find a new one later)

Fall of Eagles is an entertaining miniseries about Austria/Russia/Prussia form 1848-1917. also Patrick Stewart plays Lennin as photo below show.


In the blue after tax profits
in the red compensation per hour.
I know most people talk about 08 but this makes it look like the tech bubble and burst was the real start of capitalism issues. profits are not going to workers and that is a big issue

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