I think I've mentioned this previously: it is so difficult to withhold affection when you're someone who's going to burst open of it.

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Bros, I miss flirting so much I indulge anyone and everyone.

Obv my first reaction to my body being sick was questioning my sex life. Not the fact that the weather is changing or that I've been feeling a little under the weather but TuNe BoHuT sEX kiyA ToH BaS noW yOu sUffEr

Man, the work stress. I'd gladly die and name and shame people for this if I could.

Overheard from a friend.

If Lord Ram had approached the Indian Supreme Court, they would have ruled that Ravan could keep Sita. But Ram would have been provided an alternative.

I waited all day for that one video call and turns out it won't happen tonight.

Banda itna bhi cure nahin hai. Ab isko channe ke jhaad se utaarna padega

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One of the interesting things on birdsite is that you take any sort of really ignorant/un-empathetic/cruel take, even completely unrelated to politics, and you check the poster's TL, the odds are overwhelmingly high that the person involved is a supporter of the BJP.

has it ever happened with you that you're thinking of someone and they call/ping you that instant? it's happened so many times.

right now i was reading something about energy (obviously thinking about him) and he called me up in a minute.

eda ennik mindanda nei poyi panny cheeyuda alvaladhy

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There is a climate emergency in the Valley with heavy snowstorms and no electricity. Several people including army personnel have been killed. Section 144 has been imposed besides the continuing ban on the Internet. This will exacerbate the situation. All restrictions shd lifted

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