I saw a dwarf recite It Must Have Been Disembowelers. How incredibly interesting!

โ€” รนshrir Sholiduzol, Fishery Worker

I saw an unknown creature recite Sadnesses and the Chastity. It's interesting.

โ€” Snodub Osmรถspslongus, Dwarven Child

Do you like tarot? Or podcast? I recommend listening to Gordon White's podcast 'Rune Soup'. Specifically this weeks episode.
He is interviewing someone who is also a podcast host.

Got some color on my thumbnail sketches. Any thoughts on which direction I should choose?

"Wait," he said, "I get to challenge you to a game, right?"
Death nodded. "Sure. Which game? Starcraft, Smash Melee, FIFA?"
"Wait, you play those?"
"I play every game," Death said.
"To beat mortals?"
"To while away the time until Entropy itself dies."
"Right. So... Chess?"

wow, just saw an actual teenager hop an 8 foot fence to skip school in one fluid motion.

You go ya anime ass kid.

Hey Y'all.

I'm glad to be here and Glad to hear from you all. I'm here, like assume many of you are, to find a better social media experience. I think I've found it here at Mastodon.

My interest are, as the hashtag train proclaims, as follows:

moths' hairiness makes them almost invisible to bat echolocation

ergo, Mothman could easily sneak up on, and kill, Batman

Remind me to do that proper introduction thing with the hashtags and all that. :computerfairies:

Looking for the line between "Standing up for yourself" and "Walking away".

As a scientific probe descends into the Sun, it records an island on the surface smoldering at 5500 Celsius. As the probe touches down on the island, the livestream feed records a "Golden Man" approaching the camera, and then the livestream cuts out.

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