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@TheOrangeDuke1 Agreed though it's been much worse since 9/11. Couldn't fit all that nuance in the tweet tho

Mainstream media not only gets caught lying regularly, but they have literally helped start wars that have killed millions and manufactured consent for the steady removal of civil liberties since 9/11. They serve the powerful and call to censor those who expose their overlords.

Previous episode on Biden's Afghanistan announcement and more w @FluorescentGrey is now public.

Listen here or on Rokfin:

NEW podcast - I spoke w Christian Westbrook @Cdubs to discuss the underreported yet massive supply chain crisis and how the Davos elite plan to capitalize on that chaos to usher in AI-driven supply chains, especially in agriculture.

@BrianNourse1 I wrote a giant article on Epstein and the Clintons, released a phone call w Epstein victim and Maria farmer where she exposed a massive Clinton Epstein tie msm had censored, and am writing a book on the whole thing. Get familiar with my work maybe? Thanks

RT @SDonziger: Judge Preska—a leader of the Chevron-funded Federalist society—needs to open up my trial to public scrutiny immediately.

What are you hiding?

@Veteran4Bernie I think you should go back and review the awful crimes the US govt committed during the war on terror before you support one domestically.

Anyone paying attention should not be surprised. This has been the national security state's plan since before 9/11 and DHS+FBI told Congress that Jan 6 and a new war on domestic terror was coming in March 2020, when the whole country was just paying attention to covid

This is an obvious double standard between msm and writers like me. I reported on Emergent Biosolutions and how it was an awful idea to involve them in the covid vaccine last April, way before man, which waited until after they ruined 15 million j+j doses to say anything

I was deplatformed from Patreon, my main source of income all last year, for an article about the Astrazeneca vaccine developers and their history of manipulating trial data. Several govts have now banned it for safety issues.

Isnt weird that, last year, if you reported on any issues with these trials, you got attacked, censored and deplatformed.

Guess it's only ok to raise these points well after big pharma has made bank

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