@EU_Commission these proposals will put journalists, abuse victims, and whistleblowers in danger. It is unacceptable and shameful to hide behind abused children to push such draconian laws.


The way digital advertising works today, most websites and apps send profile data to dozens of firms within milliseconds as soon as we use them.

@johnnyryan@twitter.com has numbers about how often that happens per person per day for every US state & European country:

Is it right for governments to force citizens to use Google or Apple's proprietary technologies to verify their online identities? 🤔 The Netherlands user case


My proposal for @mch2022camp got accepted! I'm excited to be part of this event 😊 I will be speaking about @interferencias and related digital rights projects!

„So war der April der heißeste seit Beginn der Wetterstatistik vor mehr als 120 Jahren im Nordwesten und der Mitte Indiens, ebenso wie zuvor schon der März. Am 1. Mai wurden historische Höchstwerte gemessen, bis zu 49,5 Grad im pakistanischen Nawabshah.“ spiegel.de/wissenschaft/natur/

CW: History, Nazi Germany 

On this day in 1933 the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft in Berlin was destroyed by Nazis, setting trans rights and healthcare back hundreds of years.

I’m heading to Schwules Museum today to mark the occasion. It’s part of our long history - and we are still reeling from it.


Dear Fediverse, does anybody have experience with putting Ubuntu or Mint on a Lenovo Chromebook 13ITL6 82M70046MH ? Search engines are completely useless due to SEO optimisation. I don't want to live in the Google ecosystem at all.

@jeder @rysiek As a Dutchie I can confirm tulips are the most exciting, stable, long-term, future-proof, historically accurate, reliable, beautiful, rational, valuable and fragrant investment opportunity of 2022. I sold my house to buy bulbcoins. Definitely not mania.

"i miss BBS"
you can log on to a BBS right now
"i miss IRC"
you can log on to an IRC server right now
"i miss self hosted this or that"
you can self host your own thing right now
"i miss online communities"
join one, start one
"i miss online friends"
we're waiting for u!

the only obstacle to all this and more is yourself.

We assessed different ways in which governments tracked #COVID19 over the last two years.

Read our analysis here ⬇️


We have informed Apple of our preliminary view that it abused its dominant position in markets for mobile wallets on iOS devices.

Our preliminarily findings show that Apple may have restricted competition, to the benefit of its solution Apple Pay.

ℹ️ europa.eu/!QFBpnV

The German government has its own official Mastodon server with a number of accounts you can follow:

➡️ social.bund.de/explore (in German)

Germany's public digital portal is at bund.de

#Germany #German #Deutschland #Deutsch #AufDeutsch #Official #Government #Public #State

If it happens you are from/in Berlin save the date:

The Chair of Vegetation Technique and Planting Design of the Technical University (TU) has cultivated 900 seedlings of #Vivaroma (they call "TUmato") and distribute them for no cost on 4 May 2022 from 9:00 until 14:00 on the forecourt of the TU Berlin Main Building. First come first served!


For everyone else: If you follow the link you also find tips about planting and harvesting Vivaroma as well as an interesting interview with Professor Kühn about cultivation of tomatoes, F1 hybrids, heirlooms and of course #OpenSourceSeeds.

#OpenSourceGardens #TUmateBerlin #ConnectingGardens

Congratulations to @EDPS on the launch of their own #Fediverse instance:

This is big news!

There is a #Mastodon instance (on which the account @-mentioned above lives), and a #PeerTube instance here:

Apparently you can follow videos and podcasts:
@edps_tv @edps_podcasts

There's a bunch of other official accounts:


#EUVoice & #EUVideo are the new #EU social platforms to engage with you in a privacy-friendly environment!
Discover the #EDPS channels and follow us!
👉EU Voice europa.eu/!kJNYwV
👉EU Video europa.eu/!cpkCKh

Next Steps in the Extradition Procedure of Julian

(version 2.32 - 2022-04-21)

- written submissions to Priti Patel
- signature of extradition order
- request of permission to appeal
- appeal..


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