Hey there !

My name's Steve. I'm a data architect for a large company by day, and I'm a Hearthstone content creator in my free time. I've always played card games since I was a kid, and I'm pretty good at Hearthstone (gotten to legend nearly every month since September), so I talk about it a lot. I stream at and podcast at

I've also been podcasting for years; I was on until beginning of this year, on Isometric and then Disruption.

@Aleen "I'm Aleen. I'm an entrepeneur; my current project is, where I help developers with the non-code parts of launching an app.

When I'm not doing that, I'm podcasting about writing and creativity at and pop culture at I've also been a tech diversity advocate since before it was something people were aware that it was something they should think about.

When do I sleep? When my cats let me. Which is rarely."

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