@Gargron Hi! I can't seem to follow accounts from mastodon instance at cmpwn.com. I can find the account on search, e.g. sir@cmpwn.com, but clicking the follow results in "404 Not Found" popping up. Could you please help out?

@ihabunek I think the problem is cmpwn.com is not running, check out that site in a browser, all I can see is "We're sorry, but something went wrong."

@wiktor I think it's only temporary, it worked a couple of days ago when I checked. Also, only the about page is throwing the error, accounts are ok , e.g.: cmpwn.com/@sir

@ihabunek Oh yeah, interesting. I can't follow it either from mastodon.social (got 404 like you). But I could follow it just fine from my own small ActivityPub client (as seen on cmpwn.com/users/sir/followers). Maybe this really is some caching issue on mastodon.social...

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