Gibt es eigentlich irgendwelche empfohlene PGP Keyserver zum Selbstinstallieren? Habe bis jetzt nur gefunden. #openpgp #gnupg #keyserver #selfhosting

@zerok There is also one by mailvelope:

The love for mongodb would be a showstopper for me, but not everyone is that picky. Can't tell from a practical perspective how well it works, as I decided to go for WKD (Web Key Directory) for my own keys, but its definitely an option.

@sheogorath @zerok Yep, good points.

If you want to host your own key to be discovered by others just use Web Key Directory (see

There is also a new project to create a small verifying key server ( but it's still in alpha state. SKS is old and crumbling and should be used with care... ;)

@wiktor @sheogorath My main motivation right now is that I want to make it easy for people inside a community to find the keys but other members of that community or company. Having a shared keyserver that only contains "trusted" keys would have been my first idea ๐Ÿ™‚

@zerok @sheogorath If you don't mind I can throw some stuff your way and you'll figure out if it fits ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

If this community has e-mail addresses in one domain ( then WKD may be just enough for you (see:

There is a project used by journalists to keep all people key's in sync: (@micahflee works on that)

Another interesting thing is that aims to make it easy to use GPG in an enterprise. (@paul works on this one)

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@zerok No problem!

Do tell what you ended up using later. I'm super interested in real people's experiences of what worked and what not.

Have a nice day! ๐Ÿ‘‹

@wiktor Thanks for pointing our way Wiktor! @zerok I'd be really up for a chat to understand your use case (regardless of whether it fits Fluidkeys.) Are you up for a quick call sometime?

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