Fediverse, if I move my account to a new instance, are things going to... just work? You know, the way I want them to?

Overleaf has this promotion here where if you get a number of people to sign up with your referral link here overleaf.com/user/bonus then you get more premium features the more people sign up. There appears to be a bug that you definitely should not exploit because it is morally wrong where if you sign up for an account using an email, immediately delete the account, then sign up using that same email again, that counts as two people. So don't do that over and over again ten times

I spotted a cat when I was out for a walk.
"Oh, hello there," I said, "aren't you handsome?"
"Yes, I am," the cat said.
"Whoa! You can talk?"
"I was a prince once, but so selfish and vain a witch cursed me into this form."
"How can you break the curse?"
"Why would I?"

While we were sleeping, this happened in North America:

(unpopular opinion my-spicy-take
(forall (a : Nat) (b : Nat) (c : Nat)
(== Nat (plus a (plus b c)) (plus (plus a b) c)))
(by-intro a)
(by-intro b) (by-intro c)
(yo dawg i heard you like a
[is this a () 🦋]
[is this a (n-1 proof-in-your-proof) 🦋])
;is this a z 🦋
(prove all the things)
;is this a (suc a) 🦋
(i put a proof-in-your-proof)
(prove all the things)
(dont @ me))

Yes, they were busy meming their proof systems. Too bad DrRacket doesn't do animated GIFs.


Over here on Twitter twitter.com/maonus/status/1314

@wilbowma associates with some pretty great people!

"As a knight," the king said, "it is your duty to kill dragons."
"Very well, my liege," the knight said. "Um. May I ask why?"
"Because they hoard wealth without sharing, and people live in fear of their capricious moods."
"Very well, my liege," the knight said and drew his sword.

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As college students head back to school, we want to repeat this message from a university librarian: software that monitors students during tests perpetuates inequality and violates their privacy. Universities need to stop using them. bit.ly/3hj9Dqb

🐦🔗: twitter.com/techreview/status/

Got btrfs setup on my linux machine, so now in additional to ridiculously redundant file backups, I have subvolume snapshots. Snapper made this trivial: snapper.io/

When @gnome abandoned their own browser project in favor of embracing Firefox, that was the right decision at the time. Now might be a good time to consider taking control of a Firefox fork.

Society if dependently typed languages had documentation for their standard libraries

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There's too many theorists working on proof assistants
They should get some frontend/UX people to work on making the interactive parts nice and beautiful so we don't have to keep living like this

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you have to cancel two downloads to use Zoom in your browser lol. dark pattern much

Has anyone bumped in to any concrete numbers over the environment impact of our usage of suboptimal software, eg js+web tech instead of native desktop apps, the power usage of crypto currencies, the cost of constantly brute forcing problems instead of elegant solutions?

Any data is much appreciated - it trying to write something intelligent about this.

To appear in ICFP, @id1660 explains erasure and dependent types: dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3408973

Hopefully also to appear in Idris 2+n in some form. We'll see :).

To pass the time during the journey, I checked what games my autonomous car had to offer.
"A driving game?"
"Very popular," the car said. "The aim is to quickly assess situations and react correctly."
I liked the irony. And the game.
Until I recognised a situation from last week.

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