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While I'm at it, can we note that Outcry Driven Development is a huge resource drain on a user community? We shouldn't have to be constantly on the alert for a policy, code or legal, change that will become permanent if we don't scream loudly enough, fast enough.

That's tiring, emotionally painful, and a form of labor I'd rather not consent to doing. There are other ways to figure out whether users will find a feature troublesome -- like presenting its effects clearly, thinking through user scenarios, and asking enough of them in advance.

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RW: "What about the giant bugs and murderous AI mechanoids?"
Me: "You get used them. We built some EMPs and community-run defense force, and top medical research program."
RW: "War-like local tribes?"
Me: "We shipped them some beer, and now they help us with the bugs."

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Still haven't attempted the plot.

RW: "Don't you wanna take the spaceship and leave?"
Me: "Why would I leave?"
RW: "Well you crash landed."
Me: "And built a perfect civilization."

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Work done for the day, now going to retreat into RimWorld where we have socialized food, housing, medicine, and fluffy chinchillas, and we're winning the fight against an evil AI.

Not sure why I like this game so much.

The best part about being an adult is that if I want ice cream I can simply go buy it for myself

TIL about `git diff --word-diff`, which is a beauteous thing

Someone said "is that still a thing?" when I announced I was on Mastodon. Is it?
Boost this so we actually get a few votes maybe? How far can it go?

“Victory: #Zoom Will Offer End-to-End Encryption to All Its Users”

It is only a partial victory:

“To use Zoom’s end-to-end encryption, free users will have to provide additional information, like a phone number, to authenticate. […] Zoom should not use these phone numbers for any other purpose, […].”

We should watch this closely.

“In different contexts, Signal, Facebook, and Twitter have all encountered disclosure and abuse problems with user phone numbers.”

This is your regular reminder that Coq is weakly normalizing, not strongly normalizing:

Require Coq.Init.Nat.

Eval cbn in ((fix f (x : nat) := let y := f x in 0) 0).
Eval cbv in ((fix f (x : nat) := let y := f x in 0) 0).

Wenn technische Begriffe mehr als nur technische Begriffe sind:

"Master-Slave" und "Blacklist - Whitelist".

(Ich würde noch "Male - Female" ergänzen)

Paper 2019 für - da, wo das Internet geregelt wird - von und

"Sorry for the flood of questions and very long emails in the past few days. Here's another."

Are you forced to give gigs of memory to Slack tabs for reasons that are beyond your control? Try to reclaim those resources when you don't want to close that tab, but don't really want it open either.

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