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Hey folks: I'm giving advice to someone who just finished HS. She will be entering a CS + Linguistics program in some shortish time from now. As I'm mindful of so many of my bad programming habits come from before I entered uni, what resource would be best to teach her?

"Best" defined as: most able to *think* about the programs/model them in head/not be messed up when hitting intro to programming courses in other langs?

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-A misanthrope who's probably not even in a good mental space to be romantically involved with anybody anyways!

And the beaus:

-Maybe It's A Bad Idea To Try To Change Yourself To Be What You Think The Girl You Had A Crush On Back In Freshman Year Wants Guy!

-Commitment Issues, Edgy Sarcasm, Elitism And Unresolved Trauma Guy!

-All The Relatives My Age Were Guys So I Think Women Are A Different Species And Am Terrified To Talk To One Guy!

First the queers and furries build a space where they can be themselves.

Then the infosec folks find that it fits well with their values.

Then the communists flock to the first real alternative to capitalist monopoly on shortform burst communication.

Then the artists come to find new walls to paint and nobody to tell them no.

The intellectuals, the chroniclers, the priests and the prophets, singly and in droves.

Slowly, it builds. It's neat to build an oral history from inception. #mastodon

"...women participated more actively when a more casual and collaborate atmosphere was encouraged, which also gave rise to simultaneous interaction between speakers." (Yuasa, Ikuko; 2010)

Hmm gee I wonder why that might be :thaenkin:

@HTHR @dboyfajardo Mumford And 10 80-Year-Old Men Who, Because Of A Legal Loophole, Are Counted As His Sons Rather Than His Grandpas

Peer pressure culture extends not only to alcohol drinking, but SIGNING UP FOR A CLUB CARD AT BEVMO.

I see you, lushes who literally want others to join your club.

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:bread: :anarchism: theory Show more To absolutely no one's surprise, when the price of vegetables is lowered to be closer to the price of chips people buy more vegetables

there's only two types of people:



CW EXTREMELY LEWD NSFW [show more] who here wanna hug

apparently the us govt thinks that the solution to people being unable to pay off student loans is to make it impossible for them to earn any money at all!

> Firefighters, nurses, teachers, lawyers, massage therapists, barbers, psychologists and real estate brokers have all had their credentials suspended or revoked.

I completely forgot that I own pastels

Need the right paper and some fixative for them though

Wait, wait, today was going to be a writing day

Right? Right

Gotta stay Focused (tm)

Hey. I don't know you at all. But I'm sure the world is better off with you in it. Hopefully you'll feel better when you get up and change your mind. Show more

happy international men's day

let's work towards creating a supportive and positive environment to help develop more healthy, happy and compassionate boys and men

@cocoron And anarchists, of course. Authoritarians don't like anyone who isn't going to go along with them or conform to their idea of the ideal person.