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but that might just be my prudish normie ways, who knows

Choosing your Linux distro or programming language by how much you like their logo/mascot

I feel like if your kid is old enough to speak complete sentences, they're too old to be running around your front yard naked?

@drvdndssdnt mute/block or sign off for a few hours. Trolls aren't entertained by prey that doesn't run or squeak.

I need more programmer frens on Mastodon.

@krainboltgreene we're already friends, you just didn't realize it <3

Any reason why remote/opensocial !groups don't seem to work on mastodon? @Gargron

@drvdndssdnt I split my twitter into political twitter and personal twitter, and made the political one harder to relate back to me personally. Too many nazis up in hurr.

NYT Crossword puzzles, except all the clues are written by people well-versed in the black liberation movement.

@xj9 sexual orientation, sex, and gender are independent variables :P call it what you like.

Few 2$ purchases have brought me more pleasure than using this seam ripper to remove advertising and random tags from clothing.

Vintage computers, workstations, and minicomputers are (one of) my aesthetics!

Now if only I could figure out a sensible reason for this aesthetic to persist through the early 2100s to the late 2200s ^^ (Especially on mass-conscious spacecraft!)

OH, it happened at least twice in Firefly/Serenity, almost forgot that one.

"Be as strong and amazing as you want, the status quo will remain" is not a good, democratic message to be sending our friends and neighbors of color.

I'm pretty sick of the idea that the most noble thing a Strong Black Character can do is die.

It happened in Walking Dead (how many times?), it happened in Orange is the New Black, it happened in American Gods, and that's just the limited amount of TV I've been watching recently and keeping track.

No, it's time for Rick to get knocked in the head and for Michonne to lead everyone.

@xj9 @moonman it's not even that they need to be easy to get per se, it's that handcuffing and imprisoning people over it is just the wrong remedy.

like if it's really such a social ill, like, say, yelling at your spouse, then why not use the same remedy -- court-ordered counseling.

the core problem is our society cares more about punishing "wrongdoers" than helping them become better.