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Today is the 10th anniversary of None Pizza With Left Beef, originally posted on October 19, 2007. How fortunate we are to witness this important moment in history.

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Imagine navigating this shit while facing random encounters every 3 steps with enemies that can instakill you. Oh, and in this game, you can't get experience points or gold, you can only get stronger by getting further into the dungeon. And every set enemy guardian comes back whenever you save and heal; so eat shit, player.

And there's an invincible ghost chasing you the whole game that will end your game if you press too many keystrokes on that save. Also, the ghost moves in real-time while you're stuck in turned-base movement. And it can move through walls. And you're in a Wizardry game, with all of the usual unfair/unfun Wizardry bullshit cranked up to masocore levels.

Now imagine you're playing in 1986 and there are no save states or GameFAQs and no message boards to ask for help. Have fun drawing maps on graphing paper while your save gets deleted because you spent to long, nerd.

Wizardry 4 might no shit be the hardest game ever made that's actually beatable.

Designers (and project managers) need to go back to dialup until the web becomes usable again

Downloading megabytes of JS and CSS to view your "coming soon" page doesn't give me high hopes for whatever it is you're trying to sell

Can we please consolidate all
Regex("[ae]?l[iy]?[sz][s]?[ae]?") names into "Alisa" with a pronunciation of "uh liss uh?"

@Cocoron but every solution that pops up (which usually happens to be, gasp, some element of socialism) gets shot down by the 1% as "UNREALISTIC" or "EXPENSIVE," with no consideration that the other bullshit they have to prop up their own interests that doesn't really need propping up is also "UNREALISTIC" and "EXPENSIVE" (endless wars, useless subsidies, etc).

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the concept of "being lazy" has been around forever, but its use as a guilt trip has been proliferated ever since folks on top decided to steal labour from folks on the bottom. productivity and contribution to society have been conflated with work. work doesn't benefit the general populace. it doesn't benefit society. it benefits the ruling class.

there should not be a ruling class.

You can address racism, homophobia, misogyny, sectarianism etc and still have a liberal Capitalist society, but as soon you start to challenge and question the existence of classism, the very structure of the Capitalist society and all its derivative meas of oppression start to collapse, which is probably why it's so universally overlooked and accepted.

What if shows up at your door? Remember: You have

- when they show up the door, don't open
- ask agents from behind the door if they have a warrant
- if yes they should slip it underneath the door so you can verify
- check if name, adress and signagure
- a 'removal order' from the US Citizenship and Immigration Service is NOT engough
- don't sign anything
- be carefull with your words they might use it against you

more in this short video:


Daily reminder that you aren't supposed to constantly be in a state of despair. Any respite from your daily struggle is deserved and necessary.

btw that artwork is Moses fucking flooding to death Pharoah's army in the Red Sea.

A friend of mine teaching a playwriting class posted this from their textbook and I love it.

sweet teas are made of leaves, who am i to diss a tree

I used to laugh at these, but now I wonder if they're the most secure method of all. I mean, you'll need actual physical access to break into your accounts (precluding a hack at the service itself)

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