Emacs survey results are out! Lots of interesting tidbits: people love magit, ivy and flycheck, and a striking number of respondents are fairly new to Emacs! This seems great for the health of the community.

@wilfredh It's really interesting that almost 2500 were people who used to use vim and also that some of those vim users actually aren't using vim-like keybinding but still most of them (just shy of 2000) do (I'm assuming here that most if not all of the people using the vim-like key bindings were vim users, which might be wrong)

I am very happy with emacs. I started using it fall 2019

@wilfredh I am so happy with the result of the survey.

But, on the other hand, I feel a little bit weird. As far as I know, Emacs is not really popular with "teenage" programmers.

But look, based on the survey, there are so many new users.

@wilfredh Linux had a boom around the end of the last century which is where I first jumped on♥ I read about it in a Norwegian magazine

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