Emergent behaviour of agents in early text adventure games (The Hobbit, released 1982):

@wilfredh lovely article with many things I never knew about the game.
Thanks for sharing!
(And thank you @Mayana for boosting it onto my timeline!)

@FiXato You're welcome! Was a very fascinating read to me, as well; thank you, @wilfredh !
I'm actually curious now if I can play this somewhere ... I imagine it would be accessible. But I'm not sure how long I would be able to tolerate the randomness. :ms_joy:

@Mayana you can play it via an online #zxspectrum emulator, but I doubt it's very accessible:!hobbit

@Mayana @FiXato @wilfredh there is a spectrum emulator that has text to speech support,
I looked at it very briefly years ago though so I'm not sure how to set it up. Might need to give it a serious look though.

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