"The Lenna" is controversial yet also an incredibly potent part of computing history. can it be nothing but sexist? can a nude model be, wrt digital art (albeit unknowingly), a computing pioneer? RT I went to Stockholm to meet Lena, "The First Lady of The Internet," for @wired. Her photo, "The Lenna," is one of the most controversial & most-copied images in computer history, yet Lena herself has been almost entirely occluded from its journey:

I think about how true it is to consider Lena as a digital artist and computing pioneer and how mad that will make sexist computing revisionists. it's a win-win and, to me, especially considering how proud she is of it, a better and more nuanced approach to the original sexism than erasing it.

@wilkie I did a lot of computer vision stuff in the past, so Lena is a familiar face.

@wilkie I have been familiar with that image for decades and only had the odd thought to who it was. I didn't even know it was a porno centerfold until a few years ago.
She seems like a nice person.

@wilkie As a codec guy, the Lenna tiff will always be this thing. There's nothing to be said about the picture that hasn't been said about the female nude already. It may be fortunate that in this particular instance the nude is cropped.

The avant garde CS researcher side of me wants to go one step further with this. Instead of nude women or nude men, put to print codec research papers which use grotesque or taboo things like pictures of anuses or gore.
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