I've been saying this forever: do not call them clones (Twitter clone, Instagram clone, etc) Don't build the "free and open X" build the platform you NEED, whatever that is, and make it free and open.

Don't call your platform an "alternative" either. do you want chocolate or "chocolate alternative?" it is hard to build the platform you need to build while allowing the antecedent platform to define what those needs are.

@wilkie also make something that you can't even understand the inspiration source to.

mastodon, pleroma, etc are cool and all, but can you make something completely different and arguably "messed up"? I'm crazy and I'm queer, shouldn't that be reflected in what I make?

@wilkie Don't call them clone, call them alternatives!

@wilkie Spot on!

I always say "free and open is a tool, not a feature". A means to get "freedom, independence and privacy". Those latter are features (or goals), FLOSS is just one tool to get there. A crucial one, too.

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