i'm often a broken record about this, but, again, we shouldn't let publishers dictate how libraries should operate

this is wrt Macmillan setting new terms on how/when libraries can purchase ebooks. they are leveraging copyright law in order to set all the rules (and ridiculous pricing/licensing.) it's not healthy.

@wilkie And they're blaming ebooks for "book sales—and authors’ royalties—have fallen."
Um no. I buy *more* books now that I can easily find new authors with backlogs to read. Sales have fallen for other reasons.
I can't find it right now, but for example Baen published stats on their freelibrary a few years back showing how sales increased.


Most libraries depend on corporate quasi-monopolies such as Ingram, Demco, and SirsiDynix. As much as libraries fill important roles, they are also a massive corporate welfare program in which public funds are transferred to these vendors and to publishing oligopolies.

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