i mean, CS students would do well to trip and fall into the library school on occasion, but it's not the librarians' responsibility to be the adults in the academy

@wilkie @vickysteeves Very interesting text.

I wonder though… whose responsibility it really is.

@wilkie @narF

"yes and"

as both a computer scientist and librarian, I feel there's a lot that each field can learn from each other, but ethics is one particular area they compscientists could really benefit from

when a civil engineer makes as bridge that collapses, they are heavily fined and at least partly responsible for the fallout

when a software engineer/computer scientist makes a tool that grossly violates privacy of users (for example), 0 accountability

long way to go

@vickysteeves @wilkie Very true.

It's the whole system then that needs to be changed. :S

@wilkie When I was in my grade 11 year the compsci teacher quit in August. They reached out and was able to find a former and still qualified teacher who was running a software company (who would hire me after high school). He came in to teach two blocks. He was working on a grading program and gave us a hypothetical: What if while writing his program he'd learned that a competitor had been calculating grades incorrectly for years? What should he do?

@wilkie Turned out the hypothetical program was the one that had been used to calculate *our* grades since grade 8.

@wilkie He put it to the class and most of the class seemed to favour not saying a thing, because they reasoned it was the students' fault for not checking the calculations!

My future boss ended up finding a third party so they could anonymously report it to the original company, who quietly fixed it and never told anyone.

It probably should have gone to the media.

@wilkie I'm not looking at this from a "damage the other company" point of view, but there were certainly people who missed getting into university because of this bug.

@tewha seems like a good teacher. that stuff is important. and disclosure is important for whomever might be affected.

@wilkie It was a different era. I think in this era the public would have found out.

My boss/teacher told me he was half expecting it to get to the media after he told the students. (Which was some months after the bug had been fixed, I believe.)

Anyway, key point is you really can't get away from thinking about ethics eventually. :)

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