imagine if instead of designing and maintaining counterfeit-proof tickets, payment machines, card scanners, and police... they just let people ride the bus for free. imagine!!

you get on the tram. it goes somewhere you need to go. your trip is paid for by not paying a cop to badger you about your ticket. imagine!!!

I should note that my bus fare is paid for by my employer who is paid for by the public... so I live this life already and only notice how oppressive it is when I'm traveling.

@wilkie but then how will we prevent the poors from using it

@wilkie But but but SOME PEOPLE MIGHT ABUSE THE SYSTEM by riding the bus all day for free or getting where they need to go when they're broke. Also, socialism, or something!

@wilkie free market forces gave us the efficient, clean, comfortable, safe, affordable, attractive bus services we enjoy and it's why cars are only a distant memory today

@wilkie Who pays for the bus then? Who buys the fuel, pays for the tyres and maintenance, who pays the bus driver and cleaners? Who pays for the administration that manages the buses and the wages for all the staff? Who pays for all the bus stops to be maintained and cleaned?

Free is a nice idea so long as someone else pays for it.

@dick_turpin @wilkie It's not a zero sum game. Ease of mobility for the labor that cleans your offices, cooks your food, and teaches your children provides an economic benefit to businesses and people who live in cities. If those who benefit should pay then it makes sense for it to be paid for via taxes. Luxembourg is about to make transit free for everyone so we'll get to see what happens.

@intherain @wilkie Ah, so the tax payer pays then. Thought so. Socialism is like when you go out with a group for a curry. There's always one arshole who pipes up "Shall we all chip in?" which means those who don't drink booze or eat much pay far more for their meal while Mr "Lets chip in" who drinks fourteen beers pays far less.

@dick_turpin @wilkie Yeah I get it, I used to be a libertarian. But national economies don't work like friends going out to dinner. When you grow up with privilege it's easy to think that anyone who works hard can meet their needs and that income scales with the effort you make. But I've worked in public health since then, and listening to people in difficult situations through no fault of their own, and to people working harder than I can imagine working yet still poor, opened my eyes.

@intherain @wilkie my parents first house was condemned as "Unfit for human habitation" yet the council still rented it to us for two years. We then moved into a tower block for a further two years with only my father working and a young mother with two young children on the the 12th floor riding up and down in a lift that was used as a toilet, when it worked. We then moved to Maisonettes until my father had worked hard enough to buy a house. Not sure who this privileged individual is?

@dick_turpin @wilkie well I'm confused then.. do you feel your family deserved to live like that?

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