we aren't addicted to services; we just really like human connection and tech companies are devilishly desperate to monopolize that experience

contrary to a false history, we have ALWAYS developed infrastructure in support of human connection. recent advancement shows us that tech *could* liberate our differences and connect us all, therefore we see a surge of new ways to vilify that connection... to make it seem vacuous and childish somehow.

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@wilkie taking a big pill shaped like the town crier

@wilkie thank you! people are the best part of the internet. i keep saying this and it feels like such an unpopular opinion.

@wilkie Is that... Photoshop?

Kids these days, all addicted to their social medias and professional photo-editing tools 🤔 🤷

@firewally @wilkie I recently found Gimp on my kid's computer. I guess it's a cheap replacement drug. I am so disappointed yet seeking help

@dankwraith @wilkie even better, the indesign one. as we know, almost every millennial and zoomer spends hours glued to the ol' indesign homepage

@tansy @dankwraith @wilkie i think the white one is venmo?? i keep putting money in my venmo thinking that today's the day it's gonna pay out, damn one arm bandit

@wilkie @benhamill that, and these social media companies (mainly facebook) have made organic local human connection so much much harder in person

@rabcyr @wilkie Can you… say more words about this? I have never used Facebook, so I may be missing something about how they execute on this. Or else I'm just not following your point. But I am interested to understand.

@wilkie Is one of them the very popular social networking site... Photoshop?

@wilkie Since several people have beat me to remarking on one of those being Photoshop, I'll go with this instead:

OK, boomer, go take your facebook.

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