The appropriate way to phrase this is: Twitter wants to make a Mastodon-clone. It's only fair.

@Gargron @wilkie Twitter's implementation is different than Mastodon's because Mastodon doesn't require you to download all toots that ever existed in order to view a toot.

@ben @Gargron @wilkie Wait what? I admit I just scanned that Tweet thread, but did he actually release implementation details?

@djsumdog @Gargron @wilkie no, but he used a lot of blockchain-y language

@ben @Gargron @wilkie eh .. BitMessage is a great experiment which shows blockchain is fucking terrible for message passing.

Fun side story, one of my friend's bestie works in The Bay and told me about her brother who worked on this messaging thing no one knows about around block chain. "You mean bitmessage?" and she was like, "Yes, you know about that?" "That's your brother?!"

@ben @djsumdog @Gargron @wilkie this is what happens when corporate tries to manage developers.

@ben @gargron @wilkie "Someone doxxed a marginalized person, but it's in the blockchain now and can't be removed, so we're absolved from the consequences of the continued harm that our platform will forever cause this person. Sorry. There's nothing we can do."

Seriously, anyone else wanna bet Jack is doing this at least in part to increase profits and absolve himself and his company of the consequences of their poor moderation decisions?

@wilkie I still think it's "Twitter wants to Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish ActivityPub"

@wilkie unfortunately they have more resources, more "influencers", more attention from people.
This doesn't mean we should surrender though.

@wilkie it would be nice if they just rejiggered twitter to talk to the existing fediverse... cause then I could follow everyone here and kill my Twitter accounts


I can almost hear the silicon Valley pitch now: "It's like Mastodon... But with BLOCKCHAIN ™!!!"


@Blort @lioh @wilkie Add cryptocurrencies in and you have a venture capital hit!

@unfa I'll go you one better:
"It's like Mastodon... but with our patent pending CRYPTOCURRENCY ***AI*** BLOCKCHAIN!!!!"

💰💰💰Make it rain! 💰💰💰

@lioh @wilkie

@wilkie @gnomon But what they control in this clone is ad revenue.

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