I personally like that people are open-sourcing messy code. that's what a lot of real, practical code looks like. "good code" is an American-dream-like illusion that is used to sell textbooks.


if my part of the fediverse missed it, Terry Cavanagh published the source code for VVVVVV: distractionware.com/blog/2020/ and with the existing subset of the assets for level creation being freely distributed, you have yourself a nice fun set of things to play with and port to ATMs: distractionware.com/blog/categ

@wilkie thanks for sharing this, I missed it! I like seeing other people's code, blemishes and all - makes me feel more human for my own.

@wilkie keep in mind this is source available not open source like stated. non-commercial without a different license on the code/level data and strict personal use only on art assets (although he might be willing to budge on that one to non-commercial)

this is more 2 tamper expectations, this is really good for game preservationists and people who like porting things 2 atms regardless.
@wilkie whoa!!!!!!!!!! i never expected this but VVVVVV seems like such a perfect game to port around
@alayna @wilkie it got quite terrible code, mostly because it was ported from flash with some awful practices
@abi @wilkie oof
tbh i didnt even see the first post in the thread cause i just saw it got open sourced and was like AAAAA

im surprised it came from flash!
@alayna @wilkie most of his games were made in flash tbh, I think only some of the newer ones
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