make your tabular content a <table> you cowards

@wilkie genuinely believe that "stop using tables for layout instead of CSS" got corrupted to to "stop using tables" and people just still have that internalized

@MystSaphyr @jess yeah, we need some update to the table layouting capabilities, because it is impossible to actually lay out a scalable table

@wilkie chaotic evil:

div.foocorp-table {
display: table;


@wilkie The NYTimes practice most especially annoys the fuck out of me.

@zensaiyuki Though you can go to virtually any technical-explainer article to find this. Tabular-data is not in fact layed out in tables.

Disabling JS also completely bungles the data layout. Renders in FF Reader Mode, Outline, or Pocket are utterly effed.

(I've looked for specific examples, not finding any easily, though it's definitely been the case for several years now.)


@dredmorbius @wilkie i am not sure there is a goid way to do tabular data on mobile. but building a collection of counterexamples wouldn’t be a bad thing to do

@zensaiyuki Found an #NYTimes example abusing table layouts and *NOT* using #HTML #tables when you should,

I think most of their "interactive" features abuse tables similarly. No, *NOT* in a good way.


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