Microsoft should not buy Mozilla. That's nuts. If we live in a world where it is inevitable that big tech companies buy independent open-source projects, then we are living in an unhealthy system. (which we are, but still)

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We desperately need an independent, progressive, publicly funded, ethics-driven tech/software professional organization, and, for all its faults, Mozilla is the biggest/closest thing to that. And big tech definitely wants and acts to destroy it.

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@wilkie personally I'd like to see Firefox eventually fall under the auspices of the GNOME Foundation.

It would be a good fit, and that organization is a) not-for-profit and b) democratically-run.

@wilkie funnily enough, back when I worked at Mozilla, a colleague was always saying that Mozilla should buy Github. Missed opportunity for sure. This was in 2010 or so.

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