university: no recess, no holidays, only self-care days now. can't stay home, but can't go home either, all so you can't sue us. lol

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my favorite part is where they rescheduled a March holiday to a date in May... a week after the term has ended. very reasonable.

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@wilkie who tf decided "Eliminated" was a good word choice to refer to not having spring break, at the very least from a communications standpoint that sounds so bad / like a weirdly aggressive tone of voice to use towards students

@masklayer I read it out loud in a menacing voice because it was so strange. sounds like they are punishing the students for some reason. I guess they kinda are.

@wilkie "student can have 0.4 self care days per month as a treat"

@wilkie Term ends: May 1
Holiday rescheduled to: May 7

@jfred ah, I see you also caught this. tricksy provost.

@lunchgirl they don't want students to travel away from campus to limit exposure to the virus, so they pack the class schedule and remove the holidays/breaks

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