leaking the Windows source code in order to package it with Bill Gates conspiracy theory misinfo was not the software preservation event I had predicted

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also, knowing the source code for the OS you are writing an emulator for is just sitting there does take some of the fun out of it, I admit.

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Obviously, Microsoft should relieve me of this dilemma and open source the leaked operating systems that are old enough to vote.

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@wilkie it would be cool if, say, companies were legally obligated to donate into the public domain all parts of a product they no longer maintain or support.

@marie_joseph @wilkie yes, but, how will they come back after twenty years, and offer their obsolete platform as an online service, using bootlegged images of the software, because they lost the archives and the code and

@wilkie On the plus side, you can say you aren't looking at it to maintain clean-room techniques.

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