let me just tune in to the supreme court deciding a source code copyright issue that could absolutely demolish everything we do if it goes a certain way. how relaxing.

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If you haven't following the Google v. Oracle case deciding if function signatures / APIs are copyrightable (big YIKES if true) and being absolutely miserable about it... well... catch up to the rest of us.

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Must not throw a rock at my screen when Gorsuch appears. Must not throw a rock at my screen when Gorsuch appears. Must not throw a rock at my scre

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@xj9 technically, it would invalidate some projects and make them violations of copyright yes. the dispute continues to be if API functions signatures are copyrightable.

@wilkie @xj9 does this mean that, say, writing a function header in C could become a copyright violation?

@wilkie where are you tuning in? I haven’t heard any news on this case in a while

@wilkie maybe I don't know enough because I'm not a law student but it seems like court cases end up focusing on some trivial technicality instead of looking at the bigger picture to determine what's best for society

@wilkie does this apply to all the code. I just started to listen to online record they spoke something about java and since java is out of my scope of any interest, I stopped watching it.

@wilkie Huh. Doctorow has recently started stating "We used to have cake, now we just have icing."

This court case seems to be very much of that sentiment!

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